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Enhancing the Retail Experience: Premier Design + Build Group Takes on Abt Electronics Expansion Project

At the heart of Glenview, Illinois, a transformation is underway as Premier Design + Build Group embarks on a monumental endeavor: the renovation and expansion of Abt Electronics’ renowned showroom. This ambitious project promises to redefine the retail landscape, offering customers an enhanced shopping experience like never before.

Renovation and Expansion project of Abt Electronics' renowned showroom in Glenview, Illinois 
Photo Courtesy by Daily Herald

A Vision Unfolds: Abt Electronics, a household name in electronics, appliances, and home goods, has long been synonymous with quality and innovation. Now, in collaboration with Premier Design + Build Group, the retailer is set to elevate its offerings further. The showroom, spanning an impressive 114,000 square feet, stands as a beacon of technological prowess and customer-centric design.

A Seamless Integration: Premier Design + Build Group’s involvement marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Abt Electronics’ retail space. The project entails an extensive expansion of the showroom’s second floor, encompassing 41,316 square feet of additional space. This expansion is not merely about size; it’s a testament to the commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Embracing Innovation: Throughout the construction process, Abt Electronics remains steadfast in its commitment to customer service. Despite the ongoing renovations, the showroom will continue to operate, offering patrons uninterrupted access to an unparalleled selection of cutting-edge products and exceptional service.

Impact on Glenview’s Real Estate:

The renovation and expansion of Abt Electronics’ showroom by Premier Design + Build Group signal a significant milestone for Glenview’s real estate scene. Here’s how:

Economic Boost:

The project injects fresh capital into Glenview’s economy, creating jobs and driving business activity.

Property Value Enhancement:

The enhanced showroom elevates the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the property, positively impacting neighboring properties and overall property values.

Investor Appeal:

The revitalization attracts investors, both local and institutional, drawn to the promise of a revitalized retail hub.

Community Engagement:

The revamped showroom fosters community engagement and inclusivity, serving as a social hub for residents.


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